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English roads are gritted with salt and evryone knows that the formula for rust is salt + water + bare metal.

Regardless of how carefully you maintain your car or whether your car is an import or originally from the UK stone chips and the odd scrape from speed humps are bound to have exposed some bare metal on the underside of your car, leaving it vulnerable to dreaded RUST.

It is a common misconception that Japanese MX5s (Eunos Roadsters) are not undersealed, or at least undersealed to a lesser standard. This is completely untrue - they are undersealed to exactly the same standard as UK MX5s except they are unlikely to have endured anywhere near as many cold winters or gritted roads (they do not grit roads in Japan, they use snow chains or snow tyres).

Undersealing the underside of your beloved car takes around 3 days, not because it takes a long time to do the actual undersealing but the preparation of the car:

First the car is raised on a lift and we steam clean out all the mud, dirt and other debris on the underside of the car.
After the car has dried (this is the longest process, and we dry each car out for 2 days to ensure no moisture is trapped between the underseal and the bare metal) we will examine the underside for any damage and any areas prone to rust. If we do find any on your car we will clean the area of surface rust and treat it with an anti-rusting agent preventing any spread.
Lastly we will underseal your MX5 with Waxoyl (specifically, we use Hammerite Underbody Seal which contains Waxoyl - we have found this product to have the optimum consistency to enable even coverage).

Depending on your style of driving or the road conditions near where you live we would recommend getting your car under sealed at least once every 3 years, regardless of whether it is a Japanese import or not. We recommend Japanese cars are treated AS SOON as they come into the country.


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